Fancy Dress Costume Ideas For A Pirates’ Party

My son used this costume last year as a kindergartener and he was the talk of the school! This costume can be put together in just a few moments, provided you blow up the balloons ahead of time. Directions can be found here .

The next thing you need to do is sew the two cloth with the hole together. Sew it inside out. Make sure you leave a little hole to put some stuffing later on.

A great costume to wear, that’s what. Where do you go to find one? In Hollywood, of course! That’s right, Hollywood is the best place to shop for your Halloween costume. From something high-end to everything for the kids, you will find it at one of our great stores!

The main exhibit going on right now is called To the Rescue! This is an original safety exhibit that helps kids learn what it’s like to be a rescue worker. They have the Lil’ Red Fire Truck #5 and the Rescue helicopter that come with costumes for kids to play in. You can also stop by the Fire Safety House to play a safety game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Another fun part to check out is the To the Rescue Med Center where kids can pretend to be paramedics and even practice giving first aid to their puppet “patients”. There are lots of cool toys to play with like sirens, stethoscopes, bandages and even life rafts!

Priced at .99 this is a great costume with a little added makeup and maybe a pair of white gloves you could scare everyone this Halloween! The costume includes Full-cut Hooded Robe, Gauze Tatter Over-Robe, Tattered Robe Collar, and Rope Belt. For an extra zombie affect purchase the Tri-colored palette for skeletons for only .99. This will work perfectly to give your face a zombie touch. This costume fits men up to 300 pounds and can be located by entering the item number FW5729.

Also a great addition to the Cat in the Hat group Halloween costume idea is the two children, Sally and Conrad. For Sally, dress in a cute dress with a gingham top and style hair into piggy tails. For Conrad, dress in all orange.

Cut two large circles out of the cardboard. Paint the circles in the M&M color that you chose. Draw “M&M” on both pieces of cardboard circles. Use the string to hang it over the child’s shoulders, front and back like a sign.

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