Estest Costumes

Knights who slay dragons can go trick-or-treating with your dragon. Dressing your children with the theme of dragons and knights is fun and can help to encourage a playful theme between your children for Halloween. With movies like Eragon becoming so popular, these costumes are going to increase in popularity.

Use cardboard to make a throne backing for the wheelchair. Use gold and red paints to decorate the throne, including cardboard front and sides around the wheelchair. Dress your child as a king or queen complete with crown and scepter. (If a parent or attendant goes with the trick-or-treat, they can dress as the court jester or a page to serve the King or Queen.) For a twist go as King Neptune by decorating the throne with seashells and plastic fish and holding a trident.

Find directions on how your child can dress up as a dresser for Halloween here. This idea is great for trick-or-treating, but not so great for school parties, as the cardboard dresser drawers will probably prevent your child from sitting down.

You can use one of those cheap make-up palettes mentioned above. Mix up a skin tone shade slightly lighter than your child’s natural skin tone, then make it a bit grayer. Be sure to add slight shadows under the eyes. Apply make-up to eyelids to match your child’s eye color. Carefully line your child’s eyes (if possible) with a dark color. Darken the lips slightly – no bright reds! Smooth the hair and let it hang. Add your cheap pair of vampire fangs and your little vampire is ready to hit the town.

Tony told me a little bit about the ACCEL program itself. Formed in 2007, ACCEL’s mission is to get younger business professionals active in the community. ACCEL holds four to five events per year, including holiday themes such as costumes for kids at Halloween.

While not many children would dress as Dr. Grace Augustine, the researcher, and teacher, it would offer children an opportunity to dress up without feeling self-conscious or feeling “naked”. To Neytiri’s typical costume, slip on a pink or white tank top and a pair of jeans.

What boy wouldn’t just love to be a vampire on Halloween? All that is needed for this costume is a set of Halloween make-up, which is inexpensive and even on Halloween is very easy to find at any Halloween or drug store. Theses set oftentimes haves guides in regards to how the make-up should be applied, many of them also include fake blood. You will then need vampire teeth, which can be found at most dollar stores. If there is one handy, the costume may be completed with a black bed sheet for the cape; however, this is not a necessity. A simple black jogging suit can be worn as well. Which will complete your quick vampire costume?

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